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Help with CPARS Applications

CPARS Guidance

Guidance for the Contractor Performance Assessment Reporting System

This document defines the who, what, when, where, and why for writing evaluations.

Improving Compliance

3 Ways to Improve your Agency‘s Compliance Metrics

This document summarizes how Compliance Metrics are calculated and ways to improve them.

FAPIIS Overview

FAPIIS Overview

This document summarizes the functionality, records, requirements, and the workflow of the FAPIIS application.

CPARS Manual

CPARS User Manual

This document defines how to navigate and use all the functionality found in the CPARS application.

Past Performance Data Dictionary

Past Performance Data Dictionary

This is a list of data elements on performance evaluations found in the View Performance section of CPARS.

Product-Service Code (PSC) Mapping Matrix

Product-Service Code (PSC) Mapping Matrix

This provides codes to describe products, services, and research and development (R&D) purchased by the Federal Government and their thresholds for past performance reporting.

Updated: May 2021