Public Key Infrastructure Information

A Department Of Defense (DoD) PKI Certificate is required for all DoD employees accessing CPARS and FAPIIS. Non-DoD Government users may access CPARS and FAPIIS using a Personal Identify Verfication (PIV) card or with a password for those that do not have a PIV. Contractors are also encouraged to obtain and use a certificate, although a password may be used in lieu of a certificate for those that do not wish to obtain a certificate.

Determine if you have a valid DoD PKI Certificate.
Frequently Asked Questions about PKI

All DoD employees (military and Civilian), including DoD Contractors that are working on site (military/government facilities) or contractors working offsite using Government Furnished Equipment (GFE) are eligible to obtain certificates from DoD PKI. If the contractor doesn't work on site or with GFE they are encouraged to obtain and use a certificate from an External Certificate Authority (ECA). Non-DoD Government employees may use their PIV card.

For more information view DoD Instructions for PKI and PK.

External Certificate Authority
External Certificate Authorities (ECAs) provide digital certificates to the DoD's private industry partners, contractors using their own equipment or working in non-government facilities, allied partners, and other agencies.

Approved ECA vendors:

Symantec has discontinued ECA Certificate Service. Further information about Symantec’s discontinuation of the ECA program can be found here: Symantec Discontinues ECA Certificate Service and Symantec ECA End of Life and Transition FAQ.